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"Flip The Switch" With Melanie L. Rogers 


                  "Meduim Ronald Reeder"

Medium Ronald Reeder  and his gift of mediumship has been touching hearts

across the globe for many years. Ronald's openesss in speaking to the public through

many media outlets and events has astonished audiences. Ronald's belief of and

commitment to " Our Loved Ones Are Truly One Breath Away, " have made

profound impacts in the lives of the people who have listened and, have

spoken to Ronald both publically and privately. Ronald has created a new platform

here on ClearSource Radio that will showcase "People Who Inspire People."

Like Ronald, our radio hosts and friends will truly inspire you, the listener. 

Thank You For Listening.


  Melanie Rogers , A Navy veteran, Air Traffic Controller, certified Reiki Master, empath, intuitive and a paranormal investigator, I believe I am a light worker with one of my purposes in life to help others see how they can “Flip the Switch to look for the light in every (perceived) dark shadow” in life. I can be funny too!

Tiffany's passion is offering hope, encouragement, and forward thinking interventions to heal the mind, body, and soul. Tiffany Founded a non-profit organization called Pens for Pals. Through a combination of positive handwritten letters, prayer, and comfort, survivors can begin the process of becoming whole again. 

Survivors include those at risk of suicide, victims of bullying, and families whose lives have been inextricably affected by the tragic loss of a loved one by the hand of suicide. Tune in and watch us change the future! 

 "  Be The Change "  With Tiffany Lewis " 


The Messenger With Angelia Angel

    Angelia's messages will open your heart and enlighten the very fabric of your soul. At very young age she started internally collecting information from the very source of our Universe. As a international traveler of our world and the spirit world, People from all walks of life have continued to seek out Angelia for her messages. She is known for speaking truths that will Enlighten her listeners and provide real information that can be life changing. People will spend lifetime’s wondering if they have made correct choices in life and if a spiritual realm exist.

    Angelia Angel Has Your Message…. Please email me your questions 

                                                                     Email  AD_RAMONA@YAHOO.COM 

"Flip The Switch'' With Melanie Rogers

Decoding The Unknown

Welcome to Decoding The Unknown with Tiffany H. Lewis. Joins me live on Friday's at 8pm CST. Call into my studio line at 254-987-5027 to tell your story on the air. Please subscribe to my iHeart Radio Channels on Clearsource Radio and get ready to be spooked, scared, informed, educated, and excited and as we delve into the unknown and discover the truths beyond this dimension.

                           "  The Dana Experiment With Dana Stinson Cumby ''

With a multifaceted background, Dana Stinson-Cumby M.A. Is here to offer a journey to a greater knowledge of self and the world around you. Similar to Pandora's Box, you never know what you may encounter when you tune into  " The Dana Experiment"


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